We can supply digitally printed material in dozens of different types and finishes. Using our wide format printers. From standard vinyls, banners and papers, to specialist back-lit films, roll up banner materials, vehicle/wall wrap films, perforated window films and many more…



Our one piece wallpaper are our true signature we have achieved many excellent results for many projects using this method. Our biggest to is a 12M Wide x 4m H in ONE PIECE … you can see images of this spectacular job below …

Other places they are commonly used are Restaurantes, Cafes and Offices to name a few who needed a little flair, to customers who wanted to add a touch of personality to their home.

You can choose from many different types of material, which will suit different purposes.

The first option is basically a traditional textured wallpaper – which is ideal for interior decoration for homes or offices, such as an estate agents. This offers a nice mat finish and goes onto the wall in the same way that regular wallpaper does.

The second option is wipe clean vinyl. This is a waterproof option – great for cafes or anywhere that people might create a little mess near it. As this product is self-adhesive vinyl, we offer a service to install this for you.

Please let us know if you have an image you’d like us to use, need help finding a high res image or have a collage of different images for us. We recommend using Shutterstock for purchases of high resolution images, which will be of the sharpest quality. If you’d like us to design something special for you, such as a bespoke illustration or a collage of graphics, we’d be happy to assist with our standard rate of £35+VAT per hour. 

Please do come in and chat to us so you can see our printed samples and our very own mural wall print and installation up close, and find out what else we can do for you. 


Windows can cover a large surface area of a shopfront – and the space can be well utilised for all sorts of purposes. These include the following advertising options: frosting effect for privacy glass commonly used in Offices, Homes and Meeting Rooms.

Large format self adhesive prints to advertise something coming soon or a new product be it in a Shopping Mall, Airport, or and Independent shop. These can also be used to block views during renovations, adding extra contact details/services and giving more privacy.

Print Xpress can help with the design, print & cut, and even installation of the entire window manifestation project.

We just require an image of the windows as well as measurements, and we’d be happy to send a quote your way and get the job started for you.




Our BIGGEST one piece wallpaper was 11m wide x 5m high.


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